Workshop Days 2018

WOrkshop Topics Announced!

Two-Day Workshops from 10:00 – 3:00.

10:00 – 12:00 Workshop Time
12:00 – 1:00 Lunch and All-Group Games
1:15 – 2:00 Workshop Time
2:00 – 2:15 Snack
2:15 – 2:45 Workshop Time
2:45 – 3:00 Clean up /Pack up
3:00 Dismissal

JULY 2nd and 3rd

Workshop 1 – Activity A Music and Songwriting with Gabe
Gabriel Jasmin, favorite camp counselor and friend of camp for 15 years will offer SONGWRITING & SINGING. Come along with your instrument if you have one, or your voice for singing, and your creative song ideas. This Open Workshop will feature campers learning songs together, and working to collaborate on original songs and instrumentals, according to the interest and skill of those in attendance. Open to campers ages 8 – 14 we welcome musicians at all learning levels.

Workshop – Activity C Four Corners of the Farm: Hikes & History with Ty
Ty Lain, native of Keziahlain Farm, will offer Four Corners of the Farm: Hikes and History of the Keziahlain Farm. Have you been to the flats? The Night Pasture? How about the lime kiln or the underground Tunkamoose Creek? Have you been to the powercut trail or the trail behind the pond? Ty will take you to these places and share the stories of the past inhabitants of the farm and how they lived on the land.

Workshop 1 – Activity B Woodcarving 1 and Knifework with Max
Max Gaydos, Master Word Carver and longtime friend of camp offer Wood Working 1. This workshop is for the beginner or intermediate carver who is interested in improving their skills. Basic knife skills will be taught, and participants will make handcarved wooded buttons, hooks, and other simple beginner projects. Knives and tools are provided for this workshop, open to campers ages 7 – 15.

Workshop 1 – Activity D Large Concrete Sculpture and carving with Daniel & Julian
Daniel Grant and his longtime camper son Julian will be offering Stone Sculpture and Carving – . Do you want to use hammers, chisels and files on large pieces of concrete to create long-lasting sculpture? Are you interested in 3-dimensional objects and you like to use tools? This two-day workshop is for you. You will go home with your own handcarved sculpture, made with the help of sculture artist Daniel Grant.

July 5th and 6th

Workshop 2 – Activity A Outdoor Cooking and Outdoor Cooking Chopped Challenge
Outdoor Cooking and Outdoor Cooking Chopped- Do you want to learn how to cook on an open fire using pans, dutch ovens, aluminum foil and sticks? How about making apple bread, tortillas and quesadillas, forage soup, bread on a stick, pancakes, and more? On the second day would you like to work with others in your group to make something delectable from your very own “Mystery Basket” and the roaring outdoor cooking fire? Join us for Outdoor Cooking and Outdoor Cooking Chopped Challenge to compete for the golden knife!

Workshop 2 – Activity B Native American Handwork: Seed Bead Work and Leather Medicine Pouches and Dreamcatchers
Learn Native American Seed Bead Loomwork, peyote stitch and other seed beed patterns to make jewelry, bags, and bead decorations. Learn about Native American Beading patterns. Make original leather medicine pouches and necklaces and find and identify special items to include in your pouch, such as rocks, gems, animal teeth, claws, coins or other meaningful things of your choice. Weave an intricate Dreamcatcher and decorate with feathers, beads and wool to hang by your bed and keep bad dreams away. Take home all of your finished projects.

Workshop 2 – Activity C Creative Mind Games: problem-Solving Challenges, timed challenges creative solutions and puzzles, teamwork. Would you like to challenge your creative thinking skills? Do you enjoy working with others solve problems? Can you come up with creative answers to complex questions? Are you a good brainstormer? You will love the games and challenges that you will find during this 2-day workshop, offered by leaders with lots of experience in Odyssey of the Mind and Destination Imagination type creative challenges.

Workshop 2 – Activity D Woodcarving 2 Intermediate/Advanced with Max
Continue developing your skills in woodworking in this part 2 of wood working workshop. Prerequisite: previous class with Max or other carving experience with permission from instructor. In this class you will learn to refine your knife skills and work towards a more intricate piece of carving. There is plenty of time over the two days to complete a project you will be proud of. Knives, tools and wood are provided.

Workshop 2 – Activity E Improv and Drama Games with Jonah Bowen and friends.
We would start with simple games such as Bus Stop, Museum, and Disney Disaster. These games help warm the kids up and give them a better understanding of what improv is. We would then move onto to other games such as Party Quirks, The Dating Game, Scenes from a Hat, and more. These help kids learn about character development and some of the rules of improv. They will learn improv techniques such as responding with “Yes And” and and chivalry. Improv has made me a confident person and has helped me in social situations. It helps you think on your feet and makes you an all around better performer.